Trump Replacing Conservatives with Liberals in the GOP?

round table charlie nave greg aldridge kris ramsingh

Right to left: Roanoke GOP Chariman Charlie Nave – Roanoke Businessan Kris Ramsingh – News Guardian Greg Aldridge – at the Fox Radio 910am Round Table discussion

Trump’s policies like using the Federal labor laws to force pay equality for women, government subsidized day-care, and  government subsidized tuition/school loans not only mirror Democrat policy, but are said to be the ammunition Trump is using to bring moderates and liberals into the party to win in November.
Conservatives, Constitutionalists and liberty activists in the GOP were dealt a major blow at the convention last week as these policies were unveiled. Many feel like Trump is campaigning against them and for liberal Democrat voters. This was especially evident to many of them after the attacks on Ted Cruz and Rand Paul by Trump.
If successful in November, Trump may have remade the party both in policy positions and voter base to look exactly as the party establishment has wanted for at least half a century.

From the round table discussion on Fox 910am:  “He (Trump) may accomplish in one election cycle what the establishment of the party hasn’t been able to do in my lifetime” News Guardian Greg

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