The Roanoke Times Stumps for City Council Incumbants: Pretends its News

roanoke times 05052014This is becoming a habit with the Roanoke Times. Just as with the recent special election to replace Onzlee Ware, the Roanoke Times appears to be using its pages to help its preferred candidates in tomorrow’s City Council Election.

In the special election earlier this year, their pre-election edition showed a wonderful picture of Democrat Sam Rasoul above the fold, running through a neighborhood door to door talking to voters. Below the fold and at the bottom, there was a carefully chosen small unflattering picture of Sam’s opposition, Republican Octavia Johnson. SEE IT HERE

Just as history repeats itself, the Roanoke Times does as well. Yesterday’s Sunday edition contained the pictures you see to the left. They present like a power point presentation to push the re-election of the incumbent council members. With captions that appear to be right from the talking points of those incumbents.

THE MESSAGE: City council incumbents have done all of this for you and it is awesome!
THE TRUTH: City council incumbents have ignored the needs of the city and core functions of Roanoke’s government and instead focused on pet projects and borrowed millions to pay for it. READ HERE   City council incumbents have given their cronies city controlled real estate for as little as $10. SEE IT HERE   While Roanoke’s families have struggled, city council incumbents voted them selves a pay raise. READ HERE   Roanoke’s public safety is last in the state and city council incumbents have covered it up instead of taking the steps necessary to address one of the root causes; poverty. SEE THE RANKINGS HERE

In summary, you shouldn’t be angry that the Roanoke Times is bias and is using its pages to stump for the incumbents. You should be angry that they are calling that…NEWS.

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