Sonnie Johnson Says White Supremacy is the Root of Gun Control, Minimum Wage and Planned Parenthood

Sonnie Johnson speaking at Elmwood Park July 4, 2010

Before Sonnie Johnson was a national political speaking sensation, she was the featured speaker right here in Roanoke Va. She spoke from the original stage at Elmwood Park(before the park was re-purposed with it’s current amphitheater) as the Virginia spokes person for the Frederick Douglass Society. (Watch HERE- PART ONEPART TWOPART THREE)

From her first ever public speaking engagement in 2010 to her wildly popular speech at CPAC this weekend her message has centered around what she calls the true history of racism in the United States and it isn’t the version we were taught in school or see in the regular media.

“What if I told you that white supremacy is real in America, and it came with the very first gun law? That black people had no right to protect themselves from the KKK?” Johnson said to applause and appreciative “amens” from the audience.
“What if I told you that minimum wage [laws] was to protect white jobs from black workers, through unionization? That actually happened in this country. What if I told you that price controls put out by FDR actually bankrupted black farms? People who worked for themselves their entire lives were now forced to go to government and beg for welfare? What if I told you excessive taxation and regulation took these people that were newly-freed slaves already… and crushed those businesses?
What if I told you white supremacy was real in the form of Planned Parenthood?” Johnson continued to growing applause. Progressives put “Planned Parenthood centers right in black neighborhoods.”