Roanoke Times Caught Publishing “Fake News”

On News Guardians’ live program, Friday March 3, evidence was released showing Roanoke Times reporter Casey Fabris’ alleged membership to a private group that organized a local “town hall” meeting in the absence of Congressman Bob Goodlatte was true.
Fabris is credited with writing an article published by the Roanoke Times about the event organized by the private group Roanoke Indivisable which she belonged to. You can watch a replay of the March 3 program HERE

Critics of the Roanoke Times have maintained for a number of years that it is biased in favor of liberal, progressive and Democrat policies and candidates and believe this current scandal proves those allegations as well as demonstrates a “fake news” collusion between the Roanoke Times and groups who share that bias.
News Guadians Greg and Mike discussed the allegations and evidence on News Guardians Live.
Also discussed were two other examples of “fake news” being published during recent area elections. The first involved the 11th district House of Delegates race in 2015 between Sam Rasoul and former Roanoke City Sheriff Octavia Johnson. The second example involved the 2014 Roanoke City Council race between Republicans Roger Malouf, Jim Garrett and liberal, progressive and/or Democrat candidates including Ray Ferris, Dave Trinkle, Bill Bestpitch, Freeda Cathcart, Valerie Garner, Linda Wyatt and others.
Critics claim in these to examples the Roanoke Times engaged in publishing “fake news” in an attempt to fraudulently affect the outcome of those elections.
The Friday March 3 News Guardians Live program can be viewed HERE.