Roanoke Councilman John Garland Caught Trespassing 

john-garland-tresspassing-gunsA photo showing Roanoke City Councilman John Garland trespassing was published on the Social Media website Facebook. The photo shows Garland standing on private property next to a sign displaying a message about Garland’s plan to limit legal gun possession in Roanoke City and his statement supporting making Roanoke City a “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens.

The sign was on private property along Williamson Road near Hollins. The property owner says the volunteers who put up the sign did have permission, but when asked about Garland he said, “No, Councilman Garland did not have permission to be on the property.”

One of the volunteers who put up the sign say that they tried talking to Garland first, “We tried to talk with John about his gun ban and he refused to explain or substantiate with facts how he believed Roanoke City Government taking away citizens rights to carry a firearm was legal”

The volunteers said they are not surprised at Garland’s desire take away their rights nor his inability to explain the legality of his plan, but they were surprised at his abusive behavior and attitude, “It’s bad enough he voted to take away our right to legally posses our firearms, but we couldn’t believe someone who claims to be so reasonable and caring would trespass on someone else’s property and take a photo taunting the citizens who want to keep their second amendment rights. What kind of a public servant does such a thing?”