Richmond Times is Laying Off Workers

Further evidence of the regular media’s crumbling monopoly on news, information, and ultimately truth was published yesterday as the Richmond Times Dispatch announced the layoffs of 33 people.
“Today is a sad day,” Paige Mudd, the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s editor-in-chief, told staff members in an email.”
People losing their jobs is sad, but isn’t it ultimately a good thing for an unadmitted bias media like the newspaper in Richmond to be losing its power?
From the article:
“Thomas Silvestri, president and publisher of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, notified the newspaper’s employees of the cuts in an email sent Monday afternoon. He cited declines in print revenue and “lower-than-expected” digital ad revenue, trends that are plaguing news operations across the country. “Because of these financial challenges, today we had to take a series of difficult steps to reshape the Richmond Times-Dispatch,” Silvestri wrote.”
Perhaps if they “reshaped” it into something that wasn’t being used as a tool of advocacy for their political views and policies or came clean and admitted that fact, things would be different.