Quietest Range on the East Coast Opening in Roanoke

quiet-range-roanokeThe features included in Safeside Tactical’s multiple indoor ranges will make it the quietest range experience available. The lanes include absorbent material as well as steel panels. Not only does this provide a measure of sound blocking and absorption, but is a safety barrier safeside-tactical-roanoke-quiet-rangebetween the lanes as well.
Safeside Tactical’s
building has masonry exterior walls perfect for containing the sound of the range from the outside world.
Even with that perfect situation, added wall layers were installed inside the building as well. Everything about their design, building choice and location was carefully chosen. The result is that neighbors to their 1201 Shenandoah Ave. location need never know the range is open and in use.
quiet-range-roanoke-front-deskRight now, Safeside Tactical is offering a special deal on advance memberships! If you sign up before the range is open, you will recieve one free month and the $50 application fee is waived. Don’t worry. The clock doesn’t start on your membership until the opening. With the range scheduled to open in October, you have just a few weeks to take advantage of this offer! Memberships start at just $24.99 per month and family options are available.

safeside-tactical-store-roanokeExcited? We are too! In fact, we have already taken advantage of the fact that the retail store is open and you can too. The current hours are  Monday through Saturday, 10am-6pm and Sunday from 1pm to 6pm. Click HERE and News Guardian Greg will show you what he got and why Safeside Tactical was the place to get it.

For more information, you can call Safeside Tactical at (540) 682-8881 or visit their website www.safesidetactical.com