More “Propaganda” From the Roanoke Times

“Today let’s compare and contrast Portland, Oregon, and Roanoke, Virginia. Yes, Portland — hip, chic Portland, the Portland that was glorified with its own television series, “Portlandia.” But we digress.”
It has been our experience that the Roanoke Times publishes “fake news” propaganda like this right before an election. Yes, it’s often in that “magic time” when they are trying to ensure their progressive, liberal, democrat and independent politicians get across the finish line.
“In the past decade, one of these cities (Roanoke) saw its population of millennials grow by 5 percent.”
Really? And why publish this now?
Read this Roanoke Times article and consider this: What kind of article would shed a positive light on our heavily debt-ridden city when prospective applicants to replace Chris Morrill as the new city manager go googling about Roanoke?
If the Roanoke Times were honest, they would be comparing Roanoke to Detroit not contrasting it to Portland.