E.W. Jackson and Gregory Aldridge

Our very own News Guardian Greg is the source for the answer to how Governor Ralph Northam’s Racist history was overlooked by Virginia Republicans when Northam ran for his first state-wide office. He says Virginia Republican Leadership Investigated E.W. Jackson rather than Ralph Northam.
In 2013, the race for Lt. Governor of Virginia was between Republican E.W. Jackson and Democrat Ralph Northam. Jackson won his party’s nomination at the State Republican Convention at the end of May that year against 8 other candidates.
Gregory Aldridge, who was then Jackson’s campaign manager says Ken Cuccinelli and the Republican leadership in Richmond “had it out for E.W.” from the start and spent their energy fighting against him rather than Northam.

E.W. Jackson wins the Republican nomination fort Lt. Governor

“Ken, the GOP leaders, and the staff at RPV all wanted Pete Snyder to be the Lt. Governor nominee and that was made apparent when I peeked in Pete’s hospitality room the night before the convention to see them all partying together. I had a frustrating day wondering why I was having so much trouble getting RPV to stop Pete’s staff from breaking convention rules. The Next day when E.W. won the first vote and not Pete, they manufactured a supposed computer error and shut down voting while they figured out how to handle Pete coming in 4th or 5th that first vote. Then after making people sit for over 2 hours, they made the convention vote without telling the attendees the weighted vote count from the first vote to hide Pete’s poor performance. E.W. won again. He won every vote down to the last one when they stopped counting. It was apparent that E.W. had won by a landslide and leadership allowed Pete to concede so he wouldn’t actually lose.

Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson, Mark Obenchain, and various staff meet after the 2013 Convention

Next E.W. and I were ushered into a room under the convention center with Ken, Mark Obenchain and various staff members to discuss the state-wide tour the three nominees would take. I recall two vivid memories from that meeting. First, Ken and the staff in the room glared at E.W. during that meeting with disapproval. Second, Ken announced “well now it’s time for all three of us to move to the center”.
After the convention had passed, we were informed that an investigator chosen by Cuccinelli and paid for either by him or RPV would be investigating E.W. to “make sure there would be no surprises”. Let that sink in. The Virginia Republican leadership and Cuccinelli were investigating their Republican nominee, E.W. Jackson, instead of his opponent Ralph Northam.
That is how Ralph Northam’s racist history was missed.”