Federal Reciprocity, A Trojan Horse for Gun Control?

Be careful what you wish for.
The National Reciprocity bill has passed the U.S. House
of Representatives (H.R. 39) and will move over to the U.S. Senate. Ask
yourself “what exactly does this fix, will this help me?” Or better yet, ask
yourself “has the Federal Government ever fixed anything to my
I submit that this is a solution to a very, very miniscule problem that
99.99% of the American population does not need a fix to.
Remember once you cross a state line; you must now know, in detail, the
myriad of local and state laws relating to concealed carry of that state.
Then, I suppose, there will be public outcry to fix that issue and the Federal
Government will step in to solve that problem.
Then I suppose, the Federal Government will impose rules and regulations
to make sure you are informed of those laws by attending a special
educational program before you get that Federal Concealed Carry License.
Don’t worry the cost to attend will be small (to start with).
Then I suppose, you will be on a Federal registry to prove that you have
attended that class and to get notifications of updated laws and expiration
dates. Don’t forget the annual qualifications and the approved list of gun
ranges to go to (I’m sure there will be one in every town).
Then I suppose, there will be federal agencies cross checking your name
against no fly list, criminal convictions, IRS violators and, on yeah,
medications that might be detrimental to public safety. I hope your name is
not a common one. Don’t forget to fill out Form number 3782b if you
change residences or buy/sell a handgun.
There is no chance the Federal Concealed Carry License data base will wind
up with anti-gun groups, political activist or the dark web.
But don’t worry the Government is here to help you with the problem. Be
careful what you wish for.
-Wes Boozer-

Wes Boozer is an NRA-certified Instructor. He attended The Academi and received certification in Tactical Handgun training.
During his seventeen-year career in law enforcement in the greater metropolitan Atlanta area, Wes received Certification in Tactical Building Entry and Clearance from the North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy and is a Graduate of Special Weapons and Tactics from the Georgia Police Academy. He is also a Certified Monadnock PR-24 Baton Instructor. Wes earned his certification as a Gang Resistance Education and Training Instructor through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

Wes was the recipient of the Chief’s Commitment to Excellence Award for the City of Norcross Police Department. He was a Range Safety Officer for the Decatur, Georgia Police Department and moved on to become the Chief Investigator for the Enotah Judicial District in North Georgia.

Wes has had extensive law enforcement training and experience in Officer Survival, Police Internal Affairs Investigations, Certification in The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation, Child Abuse and Exploitation Investigations, Community Oriented Policing, Crime Scene Processing, Fraud and Forgery Investigations, Emergency Vehicle Operation and DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing. Wes received Advanced Training for Statistical Content Analysis developed by the Israeli Mossad to identify deceptive behaviors.

Wes offers unique Tactical Handgun I, II, and III and Handgun Safety and Concealed Carry classes to private individuals as well as small group lessons. His teaching style is high-speed/low drag incorporating techniques currently being taught to top-tier operators which makes for an exciting experience. FirePower Tactical’s firearms training simulators are integrated into all courses offered.