EXPOSED: Roanoke Has Phony Democrat Funded Astro-turf Group Agitating…and So Does Every Other City

UPDATE: This LINK will take you to the show this article discusses from the archive.
This Friday the News Guardians are back on the air and you can watch the first show before it airs on television right here on our website’s internet channel at 11:00am!

Last week, Roanoke’s “chapter” of this group held a fake town hall event to attack Bob Goodlatte. This week’s program will expose these protesters and show you what our research has uncovered about who our local group are and where their orders come from. News Guardians infiltrated deeply into their “astro-turf” organization and you will be shocked by what we found and which local media are involved.

Don’t miss this debut of News Guardians triumphant broadcast return. It will be a doozie.
We guarantee it!


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