Drone Spies on Goodlatte and Cline

Drone spies on bob goodlatte and ben cline

Drone picture captured by a Samsung Galaxy Note II – Click to enlarge

Saturday night area Republicans gathered to pay tribute to former President Ronald Reagan at Rockledge on Mill Mountain. Rockledge is the home of Nancy Dye who is challenging 21st District State Senator John Edwards in this November’s election.

In attendance, were Republican supporters, activists, local celebrities as well as 6th District Congressman Bob Goodlatte and 24th District Delegate Ben Cline.

By all accounts, the event was nothing more than a social event to celebrate Reagan. However, that did not stop the apparent spying and surveillance that occurred.*** Around 7pm the drone pictured to the left was spotted hovering by the keen eye of Sally Bain. Bain is the wife of former Libertarian candidate for the 6th District Congressional seat currently held by Goodlatte.

Quickly a nearby camera was taken out of its case, but the drone flew back up the mountain out of sight before a picture could be taken. The drone was spotted again approxamately twenty minutes later and again it flew out of sight before being photographed. This continued until around 8pm when one of the guests was finally able to take the photo you see posted here with a cell phone.

tag aerial media

Tag Aerial Media’s web page about pipeline surveying

It was discovered in an interview with two valets outside the event that the drone had been hovering around for much of the hour between 7pm and 8pm. A search immediately ensued for the operators of the spying drone. At the Mill Mountain Star overlook, the drone in question was being loaded into a truck. At least one person involved was wearing a shirt bearing the name “Tag Aerial Media”  in the parking area after 8pm.(corrected)

Among other things, Tag Aerial Media’s  website claims to have “years of experience in the pipeline industry.” This is a very curious discovery since a natural gas pipeline is currently being proposed by the Mountain Valley Pipeline company that would run through the Roanoke area and such projects are regulated by both the federal and state government.

Anyone with information that could shed light on the connection of these people and events or who might have hired Tag Aerial Media is asked to contact News Guardians. Sources will remain confidential.

***The owner/operator of the drone says they were using it to film a commercial for Roanoke City