But It’s OK If ABC’S Joy Behar Does Black Face?

In the midst of the Virginia “Blackfacegate” where the regular media, liberals, Democrats, advocacy groups for blacks, and more attacked politicians for impersonating black entertainers with makeup and costume, News Guardians has learned Joy Behar of The View is also guilty of the same offense. The regular media has stuck to their double standard and […]


Our very own News Guardian Greg is the source for the answer to how Governor Ralph Northam’s Racist history was overlooked by Virginia Republicans when Northam ran for his first state-wide office. He says Virginia Republican Leadership Investigated E.W. Jackson rather than Ralph Northam. In 2013, the race for Lt. Governor of Virginia was between […]

Federal Reciprocity, A Trojan Horse for Gun Control?

Commentary: Be careful what you wish for. The National Reciprocity bill has passed the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 39) and will move over to the U.S. Senate. Ask yourself “what exactly does this fix, will this help me?” Or better yet, ask yourself “has the Federal Government ever fixed anything to my satisfaction?” I […]

Republican Jason Peters Positions Labeled as Indiscernible from Democrat by many Republicans

After Thursday’s Roanoke Tea Party meeting, many who would normally or in some cases always vote Republican are saying they support Democrat Benjamin Shepherd as Supervisor from Vinton in this week’s election. Democrat candidate for Roanoke County Supervisor from Vinton, Benjamain Shepherd, participated in the debate event scheduled by the Roanoke Tea Party last Thursday. […]

Richmond Times is Laying Off Workers

Further evidence of the regular media’s crumbling monopoly on news, information, and ultimately truth was published yesterday as the Richmond Times Dispatch announced the layoffs of 33 people. “Today is a sad day,” Paige Mudd, the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s editor-in-chief, told staff members in an email.” People losing their jobs is sad, but isn’t it ultimately […]