Public School Teacher Has Students Smash Trump Pinata With Stick

“Roosevelt High School in Johnstown, Colorado has found itself in the middle of a heated dispute after reactions to a teacher’s activity on Cinco de Mayo got out of control. Earning the cliché nickname PiñataGate, the incident began when the Spanish teacher went along with a student-driven idea to make a traditional piñata that had President Trump’s face […]

Richmond Times is Laying Off Workers

Further evidence of the regular media’s crumbling monopoly on news, information, and ultimately truth was published yesterday as the Richmond Times Dispatch announced the layoffs of 33 people. “Today is a sad day,” Paige Mudd, the Richmond Times-Dispatch’s editor-in-chief, told staff members in an email.” People losing their jobs is sad, but isn’t it ultimately […]

More “Propaganda” From the Roanoke Times

“Today let’s compare and contrast Portland, Oregon, and Roanoke, Virginia. Yes, Portland — hip, chic Portland, the Portland that was glorified with its own television series, “Portlandia.” But we digress.” It has been our experience that the Roanoke Times publishes “fake news” propaganda like this right before an election. Yes, it’s often in that “magic time” when […]

Republican Plan to Repeal Obamacare Doesn’t Repeal Obamacare

Democrats are claiming the Republican bill eliminates the Affordable Care Act or “Obamacare” as it is usually called. Republicans are claiming they are fulfilling their campaign promise to repeal the unpopular program. We investigated and discovered neither are telling the truth. Watch the Friday, March 10 News Guardians Live and see our expose’ of what […]