Federal Reciprocity, A Trojan Horse for Gun Control?

Commentary: Be careful what you wish for. The National Reciprocity bill has passed the U.S. House of Representatives (H.R. 39) and will move over to the U.S. Senate. Ask yourself “what exactly does this fix, will this help me?” Or better yet, ask yourself “has the Federal Government ever fixed anything to my satisfaction?” I […]

Republican Jason Peters Positions Labeled as Indiscernible from Democrat by many Republicans

After Thursday’s Roanoke Tea Party meeting, many who would normally or in some cases always vote Republican are saying they support Democrat Benjamin Shepherd as Supervisor from Vinton in this week’s election. Democrat candidate for Roanoke County Supervisor from Vinton, Benjamain Shepherd, participated in the debate event scheduled by the Roanoke Tea Party last Thursday. […]

Evidence Suggests Container Ship Collision Was An Intentional Attack

Even after pictures showing the damage to the two ships was consistent with the container ship crashing into the U.S. Navy Destroyer, rather than the other way around, news outlets were reporting that the US Navy Destroyer “collided with” the container ship. That report was considered suspect but quite in line with the establishment media’s […]

Supervisor Bedrosian Releases a Contract with Roanoke County Voters

Roanoke County Supervisor Al Bedrosian has made a public commitment to voters in the Hollins District. Bedrosian is running for re-election in the June 13 Republican Primary. In support of his reasons for making this commitment Bedrosian says, ” Despite bragging about debt reduction my colleagues on the board have once again increased the debt […]

Public School Teacher Has Students Smash Trump Pinata With Stick

“Roosevelt High School in Johnstown, Colorado has found itself in the middle of a heated dispute after reactions to a teacher’s activity on Cinco de Mayo got out of control. Earning the cliché nickname PiñataGate, the incident began when the Spanish teacher went along with a student-driven idea to make a traditional piñata that had President Trump’s face […]